Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Gophers

My boys got this idea that they wanted to build a the ground! :)  I am guessing it was Ben's idea because he always has one. :)  So Mike found a spot for them to start digging.  Every chance they get, they ask, "Mom, can we go dig?"

They plan to make it deep enough to stand in.  In the background you can see a large piece of plastic which they will use for a cover and an old dryer door for the entrance.  They use their army shovels to loosen the dirt and then scoop shovels to pile the dirt all around fort.  Ambitious boys! 

I am thankful for land in the country for my boys to explore and conquer, and  I'm thankful we don't have neighbors who might call planning and zoning to complain that my boys are digging a pond, or a cellar, or to china! :)

"Quick look this way, the battery is going to die on the camera!" :)

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