Saturday, November 10, 2012

Farmwife's Journal - November 10th

We just finished butchering the first batch of turkeys.  Customers will come this afternoon to pick them up.  It is a balmy 48 degrees outside, and I cannot remember it ever being this warm for turkey butchering.  Working under the patio heater that Mike bought helps too. :)  One more butchering next Saturday and then we are all done with poultry for the season.  This we be the latest scheduled butchering that we have done.  We wanted to give the customers the option of keeping their turkey fresh for Thanksgiving.

Commissioner Mike
As many of you know, my husband is the new District 4 Meeker County Commissioner!  We are so excited!!  We want to thank all who helped with the campaign; we couldn't have done it with out you!  You prayed for us, encouraged us, put up signs, contributed financially, walked in parades, wrote letters to the editor, wore Mike's shirts around town, handed out literature, and helped with the election party...I hope I didn't forget anything.  We are so grateful for all your help!  Mike will officially start in January, and his term will last four years.  The kids and I have no doubt that he will do a fantastic job!  We need more men like him involved in politics!

Jonny putting up a sign

Door knocking, door knocking, and more door knocking. :)

Knockin' buddies

Door knocking with Mike was such a great experience for our kids. (Mike and Em here)

Mike knocked on approximately 1,450 doors!!

The kids loved door knocking with Mike.  He rarely went out alone.
Jonny is working on our display (letters to the editor) for the election party.
Election night party helper, my friend Lori.

Election night party helper, my friend Brenda
We were so thankful for the many letters to the editor that were written on Mike's behalf.  That was a huge blessing and encouragement to us.  One special letter, written by our daughter Emily, was very special!  When she announced one day that she was going to write a letter to the editor, we were surprised by her boldness but excited at such a great idea. :)  So she called the newspaper, got all the details, and submitted a letter.  Here it is:

Vote for My Dad!
As the daughter of a commissioner candidate, to all those considering voting for my dad, Mike Housman, I can tell you from first-hand experience:  he’s the real deal.
I’m 16 years old and have spent a lot of time with Dad, even more so this summer and fall as I (and the rest of the family) have been campaigning for and with him.  Walking in parades, knocking on doors, and attending various events together has been a great experience.  But the best part has been getting to spend a lot of time learning from, and just being with my best friend, my dad.
Dad’s three main campaign slogans: honesty, transparency, and common sense, aren’t just campaign slogans, or nice words that look great on a business card or brochure.  This is what my dad really believes.  These absolutely do describe his character and ideals.  And these ARE the principles he will use as your commissioner.  Anyone can say things.  It’s another thing to do them.  But my dad is a doer. 
My dad is an honest, godly, and upright man.  Dad never has different answers for different people.  Like I said before, he’s the real deal!  He is always honest and straightforward with everyone, as well as very transparent - another trait I admire in him.  And transparency is so key to Dad - this is something that will not change if he is elected as your District 4 Commissioner.  Always happy to answer questions, Dad wants to work on educating and involving the public, and having more transparency in board meetings.  He is accessible, ready and willing to help the people of Meeker County.  And last but not least, Dad possesses a whole lot of good ol’ common sense!  But, as someone once said, “Common sense  really isn’t all that common anymore.”  A “fresh perspective," bold leadership, and a good dose of common sense - this is the kind of leadership Dad will bring to the commissioner board.  While campaigning with Dad the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and “talk politics” with him.  I have always admired how he takes a balanced approach, considering both sides of the issue, and yes, using common sense in his answers.  And he does all this in a way I can understand.  I am so blessed to have such a great Dad!
If you are looking for honesty, transparency, common sense, and strong leadership on the county board, vote for Mike Housman.   Dad is not your average “politician."  He’s doing this because it needs to get done, and I know he’s the one for the job!  Elect Mike Housman for District 4 Meeker County Commissioner!
Isn't that a great letter? :)
Other than a little distraction (with the election and all) we have been hunting all week.  So far we have not bagged any deer. :(  There are a couple new stands in the area where we are hunting, and the deer seem to be spooked.  But Emily is on stand as I type, and hopefully others of us will get out there later today.  Last year we shot three deer on the last day of season (which will be tomorrow), so maybe we will start a new can only hope! :)

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