Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun in the Snow With Pyrenees Puppies

Last week we took these pictures of the puppies out in the fenced herb garden.  We don't keep them out long, but try to get them out daily because the fresh air and exercise is good for them.  For this event, I round up all the children because I am not crazy enough to watch eleven puppies by myself. :)  Of course the kids jump at any opportunity to play with the pups. :)  It takes a few minutes to get them all out.  We can each take two at a time (that's eight), and that leaves two more people to grab the last three.

Once out, they set off exploring.  On this particular day, Duchess, Emily's half rag doll cat, also joined us in the garden.  I think she was curious about the fluffy white balls jumping around. :)  The pups enjoyed meeting her, but Duchess was not as friendly as they were; she kept her distance. :)

Today we enjoyed a winter storm!  The kids were sledding behind the four wheeler and having snowball fights with dad.  And of course they made some time to play with the puppies in the fresh snow.  Everyone had a blast! Here are some pictures of Em and the pups.  She took two out at a time to keep it manageable. :)

The puppies are now old enough to have access to the outdoors.  There is a little door that we open in their pen that lets them go in and out as they wish.  This morning the door was closed because of the wind, but they still had a little time outside playing in the snow with Emily. :)

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Theresa said...

They are so adorable! I need to make it up there to see them in person before they are all gone!

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