Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We grow strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries here on our farm. The strawberries and blueberries get eaten fresh and the rest get frozen for kefir smoothies. We also enjoy eating the raspberries fresh, but raspberry jam has become a family favorite too.
When I make jam, I usually end up with a few berries leftover that I didn't need for my batch. They get put into the refrigerator, nibbled on some more, and then the day comes when they look less than desirable and nobody wants to eat them anymore. Well, before those berries start to grow mold, you can make them into a yummy treat for your family - KOOL-AID!
Let me explain..... One day I took those old raspberries, put them into a pot with water and let them simmer for a long time. Then I poured them through a strainer and put the juice back into the pot. After that, I added sugar and let it simmer until it got a bit more like syrup. Voila - raspberry flavoring!
Add some to a glass of water and you have raspberry water, or what Mike calls "Kool-Aid"! :) It's very yummy and a great way to keep kids hydrated on hot days without the use of fake sugars, preservatives, and dyes! It's the best!
I have also made it with the apricots we find on the ground under our apricot tree. I am sure any fruit would work. Experiment and enjoy! :)

P.S. You really do not need a recipe for can't go wrong. ;)

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