Saturday, May 7, 2011

Farmwife's Journal-May 7th

This morning Mike and the kids put out our first chicken tractor of the season, so now the chicks are enjoying fresh grass every day!  And the sheep and goats were put out on pasture today too.
Today we had to get some chicken feed (over 1200 lbs.) and corn.
We planted broccoli, two varieties of cabbage, and kale in the garden...all plants that we had growing in our little green house.
In the herb garden, I planted comfrey and transplanted some echinacea that was coming up.
Mike and Jonny put up two new gates today.  Mike made them.  They are so pretty (white picket fence gates)! :)
Once in a while Mike and I will do all the evening chores alone without the kids...we did that tonight.  We call it our "milk date" since most of our time is spent milking.  It's a good opportunity to have an uninterrupted conversation. :)
We have so much milk right now!!  I'm getting ready to put yogurt in the oven overnight...second batch this week!  Yum!


The Orange Jeep Dad said...

What is this thing you call "too much milk?" Never heard of it.

My six monkeys drink upwards of two gallons a day :-(

HOA = no milk producers in my backyard

Mindy said...

Wow!...2 gallons a day that's a lot of milk! We drink about 5-7 gallons a week, but we consume more than that when we include yogurt and kefir.

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