Monday, June 13, 2011

Building update

Mindy just stopped into my office (in our garage 20 feet from the house) to see if I would post an update about our building since I know more about that kind of thing.

Its been just over two weeks since we started construction. Work has gone fairly well given all the OTHER things that need to get done besides pound nails. Last night I put on the last of the steel on the roof, all that is left a bit of flashing and trim on the roof edge and that will be done. While I'm waiting on the special order items for that, I am going to get started trimming out and installing the windows, as well as getting the "batten" strips installed over the gaps between the boards on our "board and batten" style siding.

We "moved in" to the building last Thursday evening you can see from the picture that my wife is already having lots of fun "making it cute".

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