Thursday, June 16, 2011

Learn more about our soaps!

This Friday, the lady that makes our soaps, Barb Hendrickson, will be here at the farm giving people information on the soap that she makes and answering questions.

Hendrickson Family in 2003
 Barb lives in Kingston with her husband, Charlie, and their two youngest children (they have seven total).
I wanted to have natural soap at our market, but struggled to find the time to make it, so I asked Barb last year if she would make soap for us.  Our family has been using her shampoo/body bar for well over a year, and we haven't bought a bottle of shampoo since! :)
Stop by this Friday, meet Barb, and try her wonderful soap!

We will also be offering a class on how to make soap here at the farm.  Barb has a desire to teach people a method of soap making that is simple and easy for anyone to do.

Here's the class info:  
Super Simple Soap Making
Saturday, July 16th
9am - 11am
Cost -  $15.00 per person
Email me at  if you are interested in attending the class.

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The Orange Jeep Dad said...

Wish I could've gone. When we trekk out to the Renassaince festival every year, I go straight to the Glass blower, candle maker, and the coin (currency) stamper. Those skills would be so great to have right now!

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