Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farmwife's Journal-June 29th

The farm has been berry busy for the past week!  We have been picking strawberries every morning.  Along with selling them fresh, we have made some strawberry syrup and have frozen lots of berries for those bleak winter days when we need a kefir smoothie to boost the immune system and brighten us up! :)  I will be making jam least that is the plan.  (On the farm, you never know what a day may bring!)

Does breakfast get any better than this?  ..strawberry shortcake, homemade sausage, & coffee :)

Jonny and I have been working in the herb garden this week.  We've been harvesting oregano, lemon balm, calendula, and yarrow.  Since the calendula flower is what is harvested, we put those on screens to dry, but  we have been hanging the rest of the herbs up to dry in the market building.   

We had a great day last Friday!  The weather was beautiful....a nice change! :)  As usual, we enjoyed visiting with all the people who came out to the farm.  The kids had a blast playing music!  They were only going to play for an hour, but ended up playing for most of the afternoon.:)

 Just a reminder...we are open every day (June 24- July 8, except Sunday) from 12-4pm to sell strawberries.  We will also have other items for sale during the week.

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