Thursday, July 14, 2011

Farmgirl's Journal - July 12th

I sold a bunny today to a friend of mine, Gabrielle.  While she was here we had fun putting chickens to sleep!  To put a chicken asleep you tuck it's head under it's wing and hold it for a while until it starts breathing heavily and it's feet sorta' curl up and it's asleep!  It's really hilarious!  :)  Then we put it on the ground and watch it until it wakes up!  Sometimes you can even lay it down on it's back and it stays sound asleep.  We had great fun with it!  ....even had some contests to see whose chicken would sleep the longest.

Today we started picking raspberries!  Yum!  We will have some for sale this Friday.
We also put up the blueberry netting (a family project).  We are starting to get a few blueberries, so we will probably have lots of those soon!

"Sleeping" Chickens

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