Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farmwife's Journal - July 6th

Mike and I started picking strawberries at about 7:30 this morning.  The kids went out to do chores and when they were done, we took a break for breakfast.  Then the whole family continued picking until about 12pm.  In all, we picked about 66 pounds of strawberries!

We had four customers show up today.  One wanted milk, another was paying for two seats in the soap class, and then two people wanted strawberries.  One person bought 30 lbs of strawberries and the other bought 20 lbs.  I put the rest of the strawberries in the freezer and that was that!  I was somewhat glad that I didn't have to can them all! :)  We'll pick strawberries again tomorrow.

Mike and the boys spent some time weeding today.  It won't be long and the weeds will be under control and we won't have to do much more weeding. 

We enjoyed some peas from the garden today.  We made a big salad with the peas and a bunch of different greens from the garden.  We had it for dinner with Emily's delicious herb bagels!  Yum! :)

I continue to work on processing herbs.  There is usually something to do every day.  Today I ground up my chamomile and got it put into bags, and we worked on processing the dill, which means we pulled the leaves off the stems and put them in dehydrators.  From there it will get crushed and bagged. 

The children were all excited this morning because a broody hen hatched out a couple of chicks.  She had been sitting on some eggs for about a month.  Of course the chicks are already named and the children will be showing them off this Friday! :)  Unfortunately the eggs that didn't hatch have made the chicken coop smell horrible! :(    ....just a warning for those of you coming out on Friday! :)

Around here, the end of a hot work day usually means a trip to the gravel pit to swim.  Sometimes we take a bar of Barb's soap along. :)  So at about 8pm we got our almost daily swim in.  :)

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