Monday, July 18, 2011

Soap Class

We had a great soap class on Saturday!  Barb has so much good information to share and a great method for making soap.  It was simple and easy to duplicate.  I am anxious to hear about how everyone's first attempts at making soap go!
Barb showing how to use a stick blender for mixing the soap.

Soap made with natural ingredients is not cheep, if you are buying it in the store, and if you have a large family.  Learning how to make Barb's shampoo bars is a fun, easy, and an economical skill!  One batch will make about 25-30 bars!

Barb had all the students gather around to watch and get involved in the process.

Watching for the "trace".

If you missed this class, we are considering doing another one in the fall!  Stay tuned to the blog for more details! :)

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J-Dawg said...

The class was great. The shampoo soap is amazing. Took it to sauna night and have friends wanting some now.

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