Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farmwife's Journal - September 10th

Today Mike and the boys mowed the fence line and fixed some fencing that was down, so the sheep and goats could graze that area.  After that, Mike and Jonny went to get a load of hay and got that put up in the barn, which took most of the afternoon.  Spud (Ben) worked on digging his potatoes.  His new business venture has been really enjoyable, until now.  Planting the potatoes, hilling them and watching them grow was the easy part. :)  But digging them all up....that's a different story!  It was hot today and he worked really hard and got really dirty (Ben is good at getting dirty).  He didn't have time to finish because we had a party to go to, but all work and no play makes Ben a dull boy...Right?!  He will probably spend a few more days digging before he is done.  The good news is, he has someone waiting to buy his potatoes when they are all dug. :)  In all labor there is profit! :)

I picked 9 lbs of elderberries today.  I got about half of them cooked down, will do the other half tomorrow.  Then I will make some more elderberry syrup.  I also got the tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers picked today.  Em washed and chopped the beans and put them in the dehydrator.  We gave the cucumbers away and the tomatoes will get processed into pizza sauce and barbecue sauce....another day. 

In between all the garden work and the work of keeping everything running smooth around the house, Em and I work at making healthy meals from scratch for our boys.  If a man does not work, he should not eat...right?  Well, our boys work hard, so we feed them good!!  We try to keep some fat on their bones, but as you can see by looking at them, we are not succeeding! :)  But the frost is coming....soon there will be much less to do....maybe then we can fatten them up! :)


Holly said...

This whole post makes me smile! And what do you do with dehydrated beans?

Mindy said...

Actually this is the first time I have dehydrated beans. I usually blanch and freeze them. But last year I dehydrated my cherry tomatoes and then I used them in soups and stews, which worked out really well. It even works to grind them up to make a tomato base for soups. So I plan to use my beans for soup too. :)

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