Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farmwife's Journal - September 12th

Yesterday after church Mike and the boys went to get a second load of hay.  It was another hot day, so Em and I made sure they were well stocked with bottles of chocolate milk. :)  Once they were finished with that, they went over to Mike's parents house to pick up some logs that his dad had cut.  Whew!  Long day!

This morning, when Mike and I got up, I noticed that the cushion on the couch was lifted up.  Since we were the last two in bed last night, I figured that a child must have been up in the night.  Mike laughed and told me the story.  He had heard Jonny getting up to go to the bathroom, and we know from experience that when Jonny is really tired he's usually not fully awake when he gets up, and we had better hurry and find out where he is and what he is doing.  Sure enough, the two days of throwing bales of hay had caught up with him. :)  He had walked in the living room, lifted the couch cushion, as if it were the toilet seat, and just in the nick of time Mike stopped him and led him to the bathroom.  Whew!  Jonny remembered nothing of it this morning!  We laughed and laughed at the breakfast table remembering all the different places Jonny has gone to the bathroom over the years. :)  Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox. Proverbs 14:4  :)  (This story was shared with permission from Jonny.) :)

Knowing that there may be some pretty cold mornings coming this week, we decided to skip school and work on garden stuff today.  I made a bunch more pesto today, since Basil is one of the first plants to die off from the frost.  We picked more tomatoes and put them in the dehydrator.  Then we ran our larger tomatoes through the food mill in preparation for more BBQ sauce.  Ben, of course, dug potatoes today. :) 

This afternoon I told Em and Jonny to take a break and go out and enjoy the beautiful weather for awhile.  As I was putting the ingredients for pesto in my blender I heard  Emily scream.  I went flying out the door and found Emily on the ground crying and holding her head.  The kids explained the story...all at once!  Jonny had decided to pull Em in the wagon behind the four wheeler, but as he was driving he noticed Ben (who was supposed to be digging potatoes) wanted a ride too.  Seeing the opportunity to leave Ben behind, Jonny hit the throttle while he was rounding a corner and sent Emily sailing through the air.  I scolded Jonny in the most mournful voice I could muster up ...."Jonnyyyyyy, you have to be careful with girls!  They are fragile!"   He said, very sincerely, "Ya, I just thought of that!" :) Then I scolded Emily, "You might have had a little more sense than to get in a wagon that is tied to a four wheeler with baling twine, and pulled by a nine year old!" :)  She assured me that they had done it before and that it was great fun!  So after a hug and an apology from Jonny, she was back in the wagon and off they went! :)  About half an hour later, Emily came in holding her head again.  I had no compassion. :)
(This story was shared with permission from Emily) :)

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