Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farmwife's Journal - September 13th

When I got the forecast this morning I found out that we are under a FREEZE warning for Wednesday night through Thursday morning.  I had been looking forward to some FROST, but I am not prepared for a freeze! :{

The kids had an etiquette class this morning.  It was their second class, they will have two more.  Their teacher drives out from the cities.  They love the class!  There are 11 students total, and the class is held in our market building.  I'll write more about that later.

After class, we had lunch and then headed outside to try to prepare for the freeze that's coming.  We may end up picking some apples, so I cleaned and organized the root cellar.  That was a job!  It took me about two hours!  Mike and Jonny pulled the onions.  Then when Mike was off getting poultry feed, Jonny and I picked peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, beans, kale and spinach leaves, sage, and some apples.  Can you guess what Ben was doing?  Yep, digging potatoes!! :}

While we were working outside, Emily was busy with her first official babysitting job.  She watched a two-year-old little boy, named Gabe.  She had a blast!  We met his family through our Farmer's Market.  She is hoping she will get to watch him again! :)

Well, I just finished cutting up the spinach and kale leaves, they are in the dehydrator out on the porch.  Most everything else is out there too...I am trying to keep it cold until tomorrow.  I have tomato sauce cooking on the stove.  I need to google for a pizza sauce recipe.  Em and I think the recipe that we used last year needs improving.  I also have a bowl of elderberries in a stainer on my counter.  Once I squeeze the rest of the juice out, I will put it in refrigerator until I get around to making my medicinal syrup....sometime after the freeze! :)

Well, Em wants to trade back rubs (she is still sore from her accidents yesterday :}), so I better get off this computer before she goes to bed! :)

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