Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organic food - full of good nutrition! :}

This morning I put homemade granola on the table for breakfast.  Since our raspberries are still producing, I also put a beautiful bowl of them on the table to eat with our granola.  Whenever Emily eats raspberries, she inspects each one for bugs.  This morning was no exception.  Mike chuckled while he watched her carefully scan each berry as she dropped them into her bowl.  Everyone else just piled them on and chowed down. :)

After breakfast, we were sitting around the table reading and suddenly Emily screamed!  She happened to look at the bowl, which still had some raspberries in it, and to her horror, saw a bug crawling inside a raspberry.  "See...I told you guys they have bugs!"  We all just laughed.  I said, "Emily, think of the added protein and nutrition!"  Everyone else chimed in, "Yaaaaa".  Then just to make my point, I pluck the offensive berry out of the bowl and proudly popped it into my mouth. :)  Emily, with eyes like saucers, let out a scream followed by a questioning laugh.  :)  It was a great joke! ... if I do say so myself! :)

Yes, organic foods do sometimes have's a fact!  But what you have to ask yourself is, "What is more harmful...a bug or chemicals?  We can't see the chemicals, so we like to just convince ourselves that they are not there.  The bugs we can see, unless of course we eat without looking! :)  Don't you wonder how many bugs our family ate for breakfast this morning?  With crunchy granola, who would know?  I guess I would rather feed my family bugs. :)  Really, if the bugs think the food is worth eating, it must be good stuff!  Believe it or not, there are animals that turn their noses up to some of the foods people readily eat.  They are smarter than we are; they know that it really isn't food at all. :)

So next Friday, stop by to pick up some organic produce! :)  When you get home, throw away your vitamins and just enjoy some healthy food knowing you are getting the best nutrition nature can supply! :)

OK....soooo the truth is....I didn't actually swallow the raspberry with the bug in it, but in retrospect I really wish I had had the guts to do it! :)  Maybe next time! :)

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