Saturday, May 26, 2012

Farmwife's Journal - May 25th

Ahhhh...rain!  What a blessing! :)

We get so busy working outside this time of year that when it rains we have to stop for a minute to figure out what to do with ourselves.  Once I've changed gears, my mind is swimming with indoor projects.

Before the rain came, we spent two days weeding.  Both of our strawberry patches were very overgrown with weeds.  Here is a picture of the smaller one.  I forgot to take a picture after we were done, but as you can see, it was quite a job!  Thankfully our very large patch was not nearly as bad.

 The rain gave Jonny a chance to sew up a hole in his favorite sheets.  It was his first time using the sewing machine.  I gave him a few simple instructions and left him alone.  He did a great job! :)

Ben was able to spend a large part of the day working on his model ship.  It looks great! :)

One of Emily's good friends, Serena, came for a visit for a few days.  Their birthdays are a month apart (one in May and the other in June), so they like to celebrate together.

If you ordered chickens for pick up in July, they arrived on the farm this past Tuesday.

Here is a picture of a fawn we found on the side of the road. Its twin was on the other side of the road. The kids were dying to bring them home, but Mike told them that their mother would be back for them. We checked on them that evening and still no mother. But the next day they were gone. So cute!

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