Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Upcoming Home Remedies Class

This Saturday we will be having our first Herbal Home Remedies Class.  I still have three seats available.   If you want to know more about how you can use natural remedies (ones you probably have in your kitchen right now) to treat your family, you should attend our class. 

Natural remedies are safe and effective.  There have been very few times over the years that our family has resorted to drugs for treatment.  With four children from 19-10 years old, I can tell you, from experience, that you can be successful using natural remedies.  One of the greatest benefits is that they do not compromise your FUTURE health, like so many drugs do.  Natural remedies build up the immune system, and I know that that is one reason why my children are rarely sick.  We do not stock any drugs in our home.  Our cupboards are full of tinctures, salves, herbal powders, essential oils, and other natural treatments. 

It's my goal that through our class, you will become confident enough to begin using these remedies on a regular basis.  Join us Saturday for three hours packed full of information!  When you leave, you will take home bottles, jars, and bags of the herbal preparations you'll need to treat yourself and your family.  It is our goal to make this investment worthy of your time and money!  Hope to see you there! :)
Check out our "Classes" page at the top of the screen for more information.

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