Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farmwife's Journal - May 8th


Oh happy day!  Mike and the boys moved the chickens out to their movable chicken tractors last week.  Now they will eat their fill of fresh bugs and grass while they enjoy the sunshine.

Jonny is taking them out of the crates and putting them into the pen.  Mike and Ben got the waterers and feeders set up.

The man of my dreams turned another year older last week.  He continues to master the art of looking twenty years younger than he really is, although his gray hair is beginning to give him away. :)  Among other things, we took him bowling.  Of course he whooped us all! :)

Emily got this cute picture of the goats.  They look as if they are in a dirt pen here, but they actually have access to a wonderful pasture.  But once they saw Emily, they just had to come say hello. :)

Here a great shot of Belle's pregnant belly!  From the top you can see how wide she is.  She's due any day now.  We are watching her close and looking forward to some cute little kids and more goat milk! :)

Princess loves to be out in the pasture with the sheep.  As you can see here, wading in the pond is a highlight for her.  She gets so muddy which makes Em and me sigh and roll our eyes because we feel like we are constantly grooming her.  But she has so much fun in the pond, we just can't say no. :)

 Emily took these cute pictures of the ewes and lambs.  The lambs are growing so fast.

Here you can see the mamas and babies together.  The moms are still showing the marks from their shearing last month.

Yes, the grass truly is greener on the other side of the fence.:)

In these pictures, I am washing spinach.  We have been picking it for the past couple months, and it has been wonderful!  We have an abundance, as you can see.  Washing it all was quite a job!

Here are my two sailors!  They are ready for their maiden voyage on the "USS Monitor", as they call it.  This is their new boat.  They have been working for their grandpa to earn it.  The boat holds a lot of memories for their dad and grandpa.  They got it last night and could hardly function today because of a condition called "boat brain"! :)  Finally Mike took them out late afternoon.  They are both wearing one of their grandpa's sailor hats from when he was in the Navy.  Looking so cute and feeling ten feet tall! :)

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