Friday, November 2, 2012

Recent Photos

I just can't get enough of this guy! :)

The three munchkins still at home

Jonny showing off the new gun he bought.

Mike throwing clays for the boys.  (Yes, they are standing in a line eventhough it doesn't look like it.)

Me in twenty-five years.  (Wearing Grandma's glasses) :)

Mike in twenty-five years :)

Having tea with my girl while shopping for clothes on the internet. :)
Captain and Princess
Pretty Princess :)

The Mr. and Mrs.


Lydia Jo said...

Sophia likes Mrs. Housman's hat!!! :)
Cute pictures! God bless,

Lydia (and Sophia looking over her shoulder)

Mindy said...

Yes, the hat Sophia made (for Emily)is so cute! It was a windy day and my hair was a mess, so I snatched that hat off Emily's head for the picture. :) Thanks Sophia!