Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beauty Rose of Housman Farm's is Due Soon!

Beauty is getting big!  It's funny how dogs can hide their pregnancy until about 10 days before their due date, then they suddenly look huge.  We noticed Beauty looking large a couple days ago. :)  She had seven beautiful puppies in her last litter.  Any guesses for this litter?

The gestation period for a Pyr is about 60 days.  Yep, that's it!  A bitch can whelp from up to one day prior to her due date or about three days after. Ladies, don't you wish it was that short for us?  While there are obvious differences -the short gestation and large litters- dogs do experience some of the same things we do when pregnant.  They can feel sick in the early part of pregnancy and not have much of an appetite, and they also lose much of their coat after they whelp, like we lose our hair.

For those of you on our waiting list, we will be sending you a link to our puppy cam after they are whelped so you can watch Beauty's pups with us! :)  We are so excited!! 

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