Monday, October 6, 2014

Life is School

Some days there are projects that need to get done around here that require me to veer from our regular school schedule.  I am pretty strict about routine, so I don't veer too often, but one day last week the boys got out of doing school.  Actually, life is school, so they really didn't get out of anything - it just felt like they did. :)

I have a couple perennial beds that desperately needed to be redone.  For a couple years now, I have been wanting to dig out the plants in the beds and put in new plants.  Not only were the beds over-grown, I also didn't particularly like the plants in them either.  In the  fall I think about redoing them, but with our school schedule, there is never time to do it.  But this year I decided it was time for a lesson in propagating perennials! :)

In the morning, the boys and I headed out to the garden shed with a gardening book and some coffee - chapter one "Propagating Perennials"!  The first question, "Mom, what does it mean to propagate perennials?"  We learned that and much more - what time of year to propagate, different methods of propagating and tips for a successful transplant.  I had to talk fast in order to keep my boys attention, and I had to keep reminding them that they would have a test on what they learned.  We agreed that if they both got 100%  on the test, I would make them homemade pizza and we'd watch a movie.  That kept their attention! :)

We had a great day!  We dug out the beds, divided plants from other beds and transplanted them to their new locations.  Both the beds that I had been dreaming of redoing were done!  Yeah!  My boys are hard workers. :)  The following morning, I wrote the test.  Would you believe that they both got 100%?  Food is a good motivator for growing boys! LOL  So last Friday we had our pizza and watched a movie.

When you home school, it changes your perspective on everything you do.  It all becomes a learning experience, instead of just another job.  Each day we have the opportunity to impart knowledge, skills, and most importantly truth into our children.  Life is school, so have fun teaching your kids! :)

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Theresa said...

When it comes time for our family to finally begin landscaping I know who I'll be asking for advice! ;) Your boys ARE hard workers and I hope they enjoyed their pizza and movie

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