Friday, October 24, 2014

Here They Come!

Beauty Rose of Housman Farms started having puppies this morning around 3am.  Mike and I watched her last night from our warm, cozy bed via our puppy cam. :)  She had been pretty restless that evening, so we left the camera on all night.  Our children woke up this morning to the familiar sound (coming from our camera) of little puppies whining - they love that sound! :)
At this point, she has had nine beautiful puppies.  So far, they are mostly white.  We have not checked to see what the ratio of boys to girls is yet, as we don't want to bother mom too much.  We did give her an "energy drink" this morning though. :)  Having that many puppies can take a lot of hours, and mom can get pretty tuckered out.
We'll keep you posted on the final count, and try to get some pictures posted soon. :)

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