Monday, October 20, 2014

Give Your Dog a Bone!

Dog: a domesticated carnivorous mammal.  Yes, your dog is a carnivore!  And carnivores eat raw meat and bones.  It's hard for our domesticated minds to grasp the fact that dogs never used to eat food from cans and bags, but with the growing health problems in this country -both in humans and animals - it's time to take a look at the diet!

When we tell customers to feed their puppies raw meaty bones, they usually say, "I didn't think you could feed dogs bones.  Won't they choke?"  No, your dog won't choke.  Most dogs eat bones like we eat chips - "crunch...crunch" and down the hatch! :)  It's pretty amazing to watch!  The key with feeding bones is that they must be raw.  Cooked bones can splinter and cause problems, but raw bones are very nutritious and good for your dogs teeth.  Just make sure your bones are not too large.    Chicken wings are a fine food for puppies!

In the same way that we must eat what we were designed to eat in order to be healthy, your dog must eat what it was designed to eat to be healthy.  We would not expect a child raised on processed foods to be healthy, so why would we expect that of our animals?  Raw foods are best for everyone! While it may not be possible to feed them raw meat all the time, even supplementing their diet with raw meaty bones will help. 


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