Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Convenient Time for Camping

Since we were having some work done on our well, and were not going to have running water, we decided it was a great time to go camping. Camping does not come easy to a family with lots of animals, but we were willing to do whatever it took. We did what we did when we camped last year, and that is, we camp close to home. In the mornings and evenings we came back to do chores. It worked out well!

We have the camper that my family camped in when I was little. It's still in relatively good shape, and it's a joy to see my kids enjoying it the way I did. As a kid, I always thought camping was so much fun, now it's work, but I do enjoy it. :)

We had a great time despite some cold and rainy weather. The first day was beautiful. Some friends came to the campground and played a heated :) game of soccer with us, and stayed for a hot dog roast, and of course s'mores. In the morning they came back for a rainy breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and bacon. It was fun, and we made some great memories.

I love cooking over an open fire - especially with a cast iron skillet! Although, my hair still smells like smoke, even after washing it! I hope we can make time for some more camping this spring or fall. It's great family time, and helps us brush up on some good old fashioned skills. But next time it probably won't be as convenient. :)

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