Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting To Gardening!

Spring gardening has begun on the farm! The garden has had the annual addition of manure, and has been tilled up. Planting the early spring seeds is always an encouraging sign of warmer weather- but there are no guarantees in Minnesota! The hardy crop seeds are in the ground, and hopefully it will be warm enough for all of them to germinate. Some of the lettuce is up, and so are the radishes, garlic, some beets, and some onions. The planting will continue for a couple months, at least for lettuce, because we will want a continual harvest.

Ben is watering the perennials-asparagus and rhubarb. We have been adding to our asparagus garden every year hoping for a large harvest before we are old and grey. :) We added a red rhubarb plant to the garden this year-it makes the baked goods look nicer (as you know, we'd never think of adding red dye. :) )

Em and Jonny worked on planting the peas. In past years, peas have not been one of our best performing crops. But we will try again this year.

Brandon and Jonny worked on uncovering the strawberries. Last year we had a record strawberry harvest from the patch in this picture, and enjoyed strawberry kefir smoothies all winter long (up until a month ago). We have two strawberry patches, hopefully one does really well again this year.

Lest you think Mother is lazy, I did help in the garden! ;) I planted lots of seeds.....and took lots of pictures. :) It seems I always end up with the camera, or I hand it off to Emily, which she loves.

Well, I'm off to take more pictures! :)

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