Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who has time for posting?

Little by little we are getting the seeds and plants into the garden. In a day or two we should be all done. :) I recently asked Mike if life could stop for just a day or two. :) While it is very busy right now, there isn't anything else I would rather be doing. It does get crazy at times, but knowing that it is only a season helps. The days of lounging on the porch, sipping sun tea, and reading a book will return! :)
Along with planting the garden, I have been transplanting perennials. With Brandon's help, I moved some things around, and spruced up the flower gardens a bit. I still have a few annuals to plant, but I am almost done. Now let the watering begin! :)
The picture above is one I took a week or so ago. It was one of our sixty or so flowering crab trees in full bloom. (Mike likes trees, and has planted lots of them!) Unfortunately, the strong winds last week destroyed all the blooms, but they were nice while they lasted. :)
Hopefully we will get better about posting after we finish planting. It's hard to find time! What I really need to do is get Emily posting for us. She loves to do it, and always has a lot to say! :)

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