Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Broilers

Here is a picture of the broilers (taken a week or so ago-they are much bigger now) enjoying life in their pen in the orchard. The pen is moved daily, so they always have fresh grass and bugs to munch on. These chickens will be butchered on Friday, June 5th. As you can see from the picture, they appear to be missing some feathers. Actually, they have not lost feathers, they just cannot develop feathers fast enough to keep up with their growing body. It kinda reminds me of children. They grow so fast, yet the coordination they need to keep themselves from running into things or tripping over their own feet, isn't always there when they need it. :)
If you still want to order chickens, we have more available in our second batch. They are about two weeks old, and will be butchered on Friday, July 3rd. There are also many other dates to pick from starting in August. If you have not had pasture raised chicken before, it is delicious. They are big, juicy, and very flavorful! Our order form can be downloaded from our blog - just click on the 2009 Order Form link under "Farm Links".

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Jill said...

Hi Friends,
The kids and I are considering coming out on June 5th. Hope to see you then!

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