Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Ducklings!" by, Emily :)

Busy, busy, busy! Those three words can very well describe life lately! And, of course, what did we need but another thing to keep us busy! Around a week ago, we were eating a meal when the phone rang. Dad answered it, and was engaged in a conversation for a few minutes with someone. He kept making comments about ducks, and I remembering wondering what in the world it was all about, but somehow (maybe because I was busy?) I forgot to ask the "who was that and what did they want" questions when Dad hung up. :) That afternoon I heard Jackson barking, and looked out to see our neighbors here. I hurried out and found the Ben and Jonny and our neighbor crowding around a small cooler, and I heard little peeps. Looking inside the cooler, I saw seven of the cutest baby duckings! Mr. Brad, our neighbor, told us that they were driving down the road when they saw a mother duck dead on the road and her 7 babies flocking around her. So they caught them and brought them to us! They're so cute....and they're the males will have those beautiful green heads. :) I've taken over taking care of them, so I have a full-time job of duck-running! :) They are all doing great, although one did die (how it died we don't know), so there are six now, and those six are fine, and are complete little pigs. :) This morning me and Mom moved them down to the pond, and boy did they like that! It was hilarious watching them swim around and splash and do all these funny duck antics! :)


Little Learners said...

Just thought I'd let you know I am still keeping up with reading your blogs! Ducklings are cute and fun to watch, our 2 ducks and 2 geese are growing up big..Tom & Colt somtimes give me funny looks when they catch me holding Lucie, Lacey, Dizzy, or Daisy in my arms and sweet talking and petting them (& they just barely fit in my arms these days!) but they are loving pets & always ready for a bread treat! My hatched baby chick Natalie still comes up to me when I say her name and lets me hold her and pet her, too (which also gets eyes rolling from Tom & Colt). Thomas & Matthew just mimic me, except Lucie & Lacey the geese are too big for them to hold ;) So enjoy them while they are little...and when they grow up too!

Mindy said...

Sounds like your critters are lots of fun. :) The ducklings are getting big far too fast! :) But they're still cute. :)
Thanks for the comment!

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