Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday on the Farm - July 22

 We hit the ground running on Friday morning!!:) 

Mike woke everyone up at 5:30am, with the exception of Jonny.  He set his alarm and got up on his own! :) 

Ben having breakfast

Everyone quickly grabbed breakfast and gulped down some coffee as the sun was rising over the garden. 

By 6:00am, Mike and the boys were getting the chickens crated up, and we were ready to butcher by 6:30am when my sister arrived. We had 100 chickens to butcher!

Nadine considering gutting

Still thinking about it? :)

The inspectors :)

Jonny holding the runt

Nadine's last butchering day at Housman Farms :(

the butchering area

Everyone worked hard!  We were done butchering by 10:30, but the day was just beginning!  We had to quickly change out of our soggy, smelly butchering clothes, get cleaned up, and start setting up for our Farmer's Market which opened at noon.  And it was very hot and humid!!

Mike and the boys cleaned up all the butchering equipment while us girls started picking produce and getting all the food ready. 

Mike power washing the equipment

Emily packing up her raspberry lemon tarts ;) YUM!!

We were barely ready by noon.  As the customers came, we bagged up chickens, gave tours, picked more produce, and spent the afternoon talking with people (which is the best part).  :)


Our last customer was gone by 5pm, and we were cleaned up by 5:30pm.  WOW!  What a day!  We were all exhausted, but it was a good day!  :)

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Holly said...

Mindy - It was wonderful to meet you and your family on Friday. Thanks for the tour around and the nice visit. You have a beautiful place. We really enjoyed it and will be back! God bless - Holly

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