Thursday, January 5, 2012

Farmwife's Journal - January 6th

Yesterday Jonny dug some more carrots from the sand bin in the root cellar.  Mmmm!  For as many years as we have been doing this, you would think that the satisfaction, joy and amazement of storing our own foods would wear off, but it hasn't! :)  The carrot were bright orange, sweet and crunchy! 

We continue, as much as possible considering the weather, to play hockey in the evenings.  On Wednesday the ice was like glass.  Mike had flooded it two day prior to that, and it took that long to freeze due to the warm weather.  Thanks to a heated game of hockey Wednesday night, I woke up yesterday feeling very stiff.  I think that a collision with a teenage boy may have been the problem, but getting lots of exercise and spending time with friends makes it all worth it! :)  We are planning another game for tonight! :)

Jonny started mandolin lessons yesterday.  That was exciting!  For his birthday, in October, we got him a new mandolin, and he has been practicing with a DVD since them, but now he will receive better instruction which he is very happy about.  Winter is the time of year when we focus on music lessons, since there isn't much time for that during growing season.  Emily plays the piano (beautifully, I might add), the guitar, and is learning the banjo.  Ben and Jonny also play the piano.  Last Christmas we got Ben a harmonica, and he immediately started playing songs!  He also has a DVD that he watches for instruction on the harmonica.  Both boys would like to learn to play the banjo too. And Mike and I....well...we listen! :)  Neither of us have any musical talent (although Mike has a beautiful voice), but we thoroughly enjoy sitting around and listening to our children play. :)  I can't think of a better way to spend a cold snowy winter it winter yet?

Boy, this weather makes me kinda nervous. :)  In Minnesota we are rarely rewarded with beautiful weather for very long.  It makes me wonder what spring will be like.  We are hoping for some precipitation! 

You have probably noticed that Mike and I have been working on the blog.  Since it's January, the planning has begun!  Our 2012 season will bring some changes, but we are planning some fun activities that I am sure you will be excited about.  Keep watching the blog for updates.  We will also be sending out emails to notify you of our upcoming excited! :)

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