Monday, January 23, 2012

Health Journal - MS

My Dad found this video, and it is well worth your time to watch it!  It is only about 17 minutes long.  When this woman, a medical doctor, searched for answers as how she could slow down the disease that was destroying her body, she found more than what she was looking for!  Progressing from a cane, to two canes, to a wheelchair, and then back to her feet again is unheard of with MS.  Her story is amazing, yet is holds a very simple life lesson - our diet will determine much of our future!

Many times we are fooled into thinking that the older generations did just fine on bacon grease and cigarettes, so why should we do any differently.  But we fail to realize that the food our grandparents grew up on, is not the food our kids are eating today!  Back then sugar was sugar!  It may have been  processed, but I would take that over all the chemicals we call "sweeteners" today!  Most of our food today is not REAL food, back then it was!  Their meat wasn't infested with hormones, and their cows weren't eating GM corn as their main diet.  They drank RAW milk and canned their own foods.  They worked hard, got fresh air and sunshine, ate home-grown natural foods, and as a result could still smoke and live a long somewhat healthy life.  Today we bombard our bodies with chemicals and wonder why every month we hear of someone else we know who has cancer. 

While I found this video very inspiring, I don't totally agree with everything she said.  First of all, I do not believe in evolution.  There is far too much evidence of a Creator in the order and design of the human body, nature, and the universe.  Secondly, there are MANY nutritious foods.  While eating a limited diet for a period of time may be necessary to eliminate a disease, continuing a limited diet can potentially cause deficiencies in other nutrients which will then lead to a new disease.  Balance is the key!  Lastly, I am still hanging on to my grains and dairy! :)  Many new diets recommend eliminating grain, but I am not yet totally convinced that that is wise.  I think there are reasons why grains are causing intestinal problems for people (which I will explain in more detail in another post) , but I think we need to change the WAY we eat them, not eliminate them.  The same goes for dairy products.  It's not uncommon to read about how dairy is the cause of many health problems like eczema and allergies, but most articles don't mention the type of dairy causing the problems - PASTEURIZED!  The processes of pasteurization and homogenization destroy many of the nutrients in milk and not only makes them indigestible, but toxic to the body!  Raw milk is a completely different story!  And I believe it is foundational to good health in children...and adults.

It is interesting that the doctor in the movie had to look beyond her own colleagues for answers.  As I've said before, being your own doctor is not as hard as you think!  It starts with choosing your foods wisely; good food is your best medicine!  Then talk to your grandma or someone old and ask them how they prepared the foods they ate - research!  There is a lot of wisdom in the traditions of our ancestors! 

Here's the link to the video:

BTW, we have a family friend who worked closely with this woman while training in Iowa.

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