Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goat Watch ;)

Millie is getting big and will be having babies pretty soon.  She is either due tomorrow, or she is due on the 8th next month. The first time she went into heat when we had Mr. Billy she was bred, supposedly, but then she seemed to go into heat again, but it could have been a "false heat".... so, she's either due now or in a few weeks.  Either way, she is getting big!  ...and these pictures don't even show how big she really is.... she's HUGE.

So, we are going to set up a poll on the blog here and you get to guess how many you think she's going to have!  Our family did that for Belle.... and Mom won!  She guessed twin girls.  So they got named after her: Mindy & Marie. :) 
Hope to be announcing kids soon! 


Melissa said...

ok, If she has triplets, you can name them Janell, Michael, and Melissa LOL!!!! If she has a baby boy in her bunch, I have dibs ;)

Melissa said...

ok, if she has twins you can name them Janell, Michael and Melissa LOL LOL LOL If she has a boy in her bunch, I have dibs ;)

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