Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dan and Becky's Market

This post is for all our local friends.  I want to encourage people to shop at Dan and Becky's Market.  I can remember when they first opened, I was so excited!  Finally good food close by!  Before we started shopping there, we used to drive all the way into the cities to Lakewinds Natural Foods.  Now there are other places near by that carry organic foods, but there is something special about Dan & Becky's Market!

First of all, they are godly people, who eat healthy food, and can therefore be trusted to purchase good food.  They are the real deal! :)  Not only that, but Dan totally watches out for his customers!  There have been many times over the years when I've asked Dan, "Why don't you carry _____ anymore?"  And his reply would be something like...."Well, I found out it's not good for you."  How many grocery store owners do you know that are looking into their products to see if they are healthy for the consumer?  We are so blessed to have this little market in our community!  

Just a few days ago, while picking up some groceries, I noticed a product that Dan had, and I questioned him as to why he didn't buy that product from an organic grower instead.  He said he had met and talked to the people that he bought this product from, and after a conversation about how they grew their food, he felt comfortable buying from them.  As you know, it's not all about the label!  We need to know where our food comes from!  And at least at Dan & Becky's Market, if you don't know, they do!  ....and you can trust them!  Support their local business! :)

Dan & Becky's Market

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Holly said...

Love Dan & Becky...I need to get there, I have been there in forever. God bless - Holly

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