Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Farmwife's Journal - February 15th

This week the books I have been waiting for finally arrived!  I signed up for a correspondence course through the School of Natural Healing in Utah.  Mike and I have been considering my enrollment for over a year and decided now was the time.  I am extremely excited and a little nervous.  I hated school when I was a kid and wonder if having the pressure of studying will take away the joy that I now have for the subject.  I have three months to complete the course, which is the first of ten courses in their Master Herbalist program.  I have been studying now for six days and am loving every minute of it. :)  As you know, we have just a few things going on around here, so I am carefully and prayerfully managing my time.  I am determined that my family should not suffer the loss of me during my course study. :)

The other day, as I was aimlessly pulling the laundry out of the washer to throw it into the dryer, something fell on the floor at my feet.  Standing there in amazement, I exclaimed to myself, "What in the world?!"  My wash load contained table clothes, so I thought maybe it was some food, but it looked like flesh, bones, and blood.  I picked up the blob and carried it to Mike's office.  "Do you have any idea what this is?" I questioned.  While performing an autopsy, he announced, "It's a bunny carcass."  I stood there dumbfounded wondering how in the world this could have gotten into my washing machine...and with my table clothes.  It was time to question the kids. 

As I explained the situation, they all stood there wide-eyed and horrified, having no clue as to how the creature had arrived at such a state.  After much discussion and searching for clues, we concluded that it was... Ms. Emily, with the towel, in the laundry room! :)  Mystery solved! :) 

Last week, Emily had a baby bunny die.  When she found it, it was still alive, so she brought it into the house to warm it up, hoping it would make it.  It was placed in a towel, on the heating pad, in front of the fire place.  Sadly, it had been cold for too long and died.  Nobody remember who cleaned up the scene, but somehow the bunny and towel were thrown into the laundry bin. :(  I assure you, we are very clean and tidy around here, and it is not normal for us to leave dead animals around the house!  Unfortunately this carcass remained in my washer for two washes, before it fell on the floor at my feet (the towel was washed in the previous load).  And so ends another exciting day on the farm! :)  Days like these make city life appealing. :)

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