Monday, February 6, 2012

Farmwife's Journal - February 6th

Kiow (the goat buck) has now gone back to his own farm, and we are looking forward to kidding in April.  It is nice not having a smelly buck around anymore. :)

It looks like our ice skating season may be over.  In past years, the season usually ends abruptly, so we are used to that.  Nevertheless, we are really missing our hockey games!

A hockey game with friends

Last week we had a new member join the farm! :)  The chrysalis, that had been hanging in a jar in our school room since last fall, finally went through complete metamorphosis! :)  We have named this beautiful Swallowtail butterfly Valerie.  We have one more chrysalis in the jar.   Hopefully that butterfly will emerge too. :)

Two years ago we had a butterfly hatch around the same time.  We named her Valentine.  She lived for a month, sipping oranges and fluttering around the bay window. When she died, we flattened her body and put her in a frame.  Jonny keeps her displayed on his shelf in his room. :)

The day after Valerie hatched, I was sitting at the kitchen table talking with a friend and suddenly her eyes got big and she stopped talking.  I wondered what was wrong.  Then she exclaimed, "Is there a butterfly in your house?"  :) 

This week we will get the pork we ordered from some friends.  The butcher shop was so backed up, we couldn't get our pig in until now.  Anyway, we are looking forward to bacon and breakfast sausage again!  Once I get the lard, I will render it and use it for frying...just like grandma did! :)  Contrary to popular belief, saturated fats from good sources ARE good for you!  But that is a subject for a Health Journal post! :)

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