Friday, February 24, 2012

Health Journal - Direct Access Labs

There are many hospitals and clinics that offer Direct Access testing.  A physician's order is not require and the results come directly to you.  No insurance claims are submitted.  You just show up, request a test, and write a check - it's that easy!

The lab will have a list of the test available to you.  Our lab at the Meeker Memorial Hospital in Litchfield offers tests like: blood type, cholesterol, hemoglobin, liver profile, pregnancy tests, thyroid, prostate screening, and many others.  There are even website that will tell you how to read the tests.

When children go through growth spurts, their iron requirements are huge.  I used our local lab to test my children's hemoglobin, so that I can know if they have any needs in this area.  These labs are another tool to help us manage our own health and keep health care costs down.

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