Monday, February 27, 2012

Time to place your order

Saturday I finished getting our 2012 order form put together. I was hoping to get done sooner, but there are many things that compete for my attention around here.

Part of the delay has been a technological one. You've probably heard the story about the plumber whose own pipes leak, or the handyman whose own car is broken down. It's kind of that way with me. I am an computer guy who never gets to do his own programming. So this year I broke the mold and have put together an online ordering website. It's not fancy, but I hope it makes ordering easy for you. If you prefer though, you can can still download a PDF form to print and send in.

This year we are planning to raise four batches of broilers (300 per batch). We will be offering Friday or Saturday pickup options for the first three batches. Since our market will be going from June through September this year, the October pickup dates are both Saturdays. We hope those of you that can come on a Friday will schedule your pickups for Friday and enjoy our market as well.

Turkeys are also moving to a Saturday pickup. They will be processed the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays in November. Those that get their Thanksgiving turkey on the second Saturday won't even have to freeze it!

The price for chicken and turkey this year will be $3.05 per pound. I called my feed supplier before finalizing this year's prices, and he expects another price increase of 10 to 15%. As usual, a down payment of $2.00 per chicken and $10.00 per turkey are required to reserve your order.

Poultry pickup will be between 2pm and 4pm on the processing days. You can order on as many different days as you would like. When you arrive your birds will be chilling in a cooling tank. We will bag them and weigh them when you get here. Please be sure to bring coolers and ice to keep the birds cold until you get home.

We also will have "locker" lambs available. Whole lambs are $4.25/lb hanging weight, plus processing (usually $50). Our lambs will be arriving in early May, so we are looking at December or January before they will be ready to go. The down payment for a lamb is $50.

Please order as soon as you can. We have to order our chicks about twelve weeks BEFORE the date you pick them up on. We only have capacity for 300 per batch so we will quickly run into limits of time and space if everybody waits to order their chickens until July. :) Thanks for understanding.

So remember you can order online, download our form, or just give us a call at 320-275-0121 if you have questions. Want to learn more about our chickens and turkeys? Check out our FAQ.

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