Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mysterious Package

This afternoon Jonny and I were working in the shop. We are building a vacuum pump... but I'll write about that another day. Mindy had just left with Emily to go for tea at Cricket Meadow in Litchfield. She called me a couple minutes later very concerned. They had picked up the mail on the way out the driveway and there was a package. Thinking it was the long awaited herb class materials, she ripped into the box. This became quite a puzzle for her, because there was nothing in it but some "padding". No contents, nothing, nada, zip, zilch! She pulled over and threw that package out of the vehicle, suspecting something awful, and called me from her cell phone. This of course interrupted my pet project, but I decided it was worth the drive a mile down the road to see what exactly was going on.

Emily jumped out of the vehicle as I approached and said, "Dad, mom thinks you should call 911. It is from someplace called Funny Farm!". So I walked over picked up the box... sure enough, the address was "547 Fun E Farm Way". When I saw the contents though, I became quite disgusted but nonetheless amused. It was a chunk of "ceramic blanket" that I ordered earlier this week! (Ceramic blanket is a high temperature insulation that looks much like fiberglass insulation). For some of us, it looks like padding. :)

Needless to say Jonny and I had a good laugh all the way home.

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Melissa said...

LOL :) Always fun to be hard on the farm, one way or the other! April Fools Day I sent Matthew and Thomas out to gather fresh eggs for breakfast. Imagine their surprise when they discovered the chickens had laid eggs every color of the rainbow!!! They felt them to make sure they were real, had to remove one chicken from her laying box to get her bright blue egg. It wasn't until they got back to the house that Thomas started to have his doubts and accused me (me???) of "painting" the eggs! I assured him the chickens were just getting ready for Easter :) LOL...then I told them "April Fools" . Maybe you can use some food coloring next year and fool your young ones too :)

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