Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Betrothal of Belle and Bailey

Belle and Jonny

Belle and Mike

Belle resists entering the wedding chamber

Boy, I thought yesterday was cold! When we went to bed last night it was 20 below. All the animals were fine this morning....amazing to me! Tonight will be cold again.

Unfortunately, we had to brave the weather today, but for good reason! It was Belle's wedding day! ;) We took her to see Mr. Bailey at the billy goat farm. She will be there until the ceremony is complete and then we'll go pick her up. As you can see from the last picture, Belle wasn't all that excited about Bailey. Guess it wasn't love at first sight, but I am sure they will work it out. :) If all goes well, Belle will have a cute little kid some time in June. Her half sister, Millie, is due March 15th.

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Jill said...

So I guess your goats don't get first right of refusal in the choice of their mates, eh?

Oh, well. Betcha she'll have a cute baby anyway! Happy nesting, Belle!

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