Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doin' Chores

Normally the children do chores with Daddy, but he was gone today. First we filled the water buckets. I could not get my four-wheeler started, so I had the boys pull the pails out in the big sled. They were more than willing. After filling the heated water tank for the sheep and goats, we went into the barn to feed the critters. Jonny took care of the sheep-giving them corn and hay. Ben took Belle for a little walk (I think she walked him part of the way) and then led her to her own pen for a yummy treat. Brushing the goats is one of the children's favorite jobs! Emily brushed Millie and then Ben brushed Belle. The last job in the barn was to add some fresh bedding to the sheep and goat's pen. Ben took care of that. Sometimes the children fight over who gets to do certain jobs, and I have to remind myself not to get impatient with them- at least they want to do them! :-}

Then it was time to take care of the chickens. Emily filled the feeder and waterer then collected the eggs. Currently, she is getting about a dozen eggs a day. She added fresh straw to the coop and let the chickens out, since it is a warm day.

After caring for her chickens, Emily faithfully mothers her cats. Last but not least, I gave Jackson a good brushing which he loves. As soon as he sees the brush in my hand he comes running. If I stop brushing he nudges me with his nose until I start brushing again. When I was done with Jackson we headed in for breakfast.

I like doing chores, but it is time consuming. I am glad that Daddy can do them with the children most days. And they are glad to come in from chores to breakfast on the table. :-}

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