Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A winter day on the farm

It's a cold, but beautiful day (0 degrees-last I checked). On days like this it's fun to page through seed catalogs while warming by the fire and dreaming of spring. Looking at all that yummy produce makes me hungry. We ordered most of our seeds already, but I always find a few others that I must have. ;)

It was a pretty typical day today. Along with making meals and doing chores, Emily and I baked five loaves of bread. Then I schooled the children. There are always times when certain children struggle with certain subjects in school. Today it was Math! (It's usually Math!) When I walked into the school room this afternoon, I found this sign, written by a very frustrated student, hanging on the door. I laughed until I cried. My daughter has a great sense of humor (just like her father)!

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Little Learners said...

I guess I will have to move closer and let Colt tutor...he is a natural at whiz, don't know why! Try farm word problems for math? If Emily had 2 dozen eggs and Ben and Jonny hid 4, how many would that leave to boil? Just Kidding Around! LOL! Love, Melissa

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