Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

This post is in honor of Grandma Janice. She made our whole family some very nice aprons for Christmas. A few weeks later, as a joke, we sent her this picture of us in the kitchen sporting our aprons.....or something like that! :) Then for my birthday she wrote this poem to go with our family picture. Thanks, Grandma!

Twas the night before market, and all through the house...
Mindy was stirring, as well as her spouse.
The clock was a-ticking, and the time drawing near
but she was calm and collected with nothing to fear.

The children were scurrying with flour and honey,
doing their part to make lots of money.
On, Brandon, on Emily, on Ben and Jonathan
pick up the pace.....there's no time for fun!

When suddenly their well-oiled machine hit a snare...
the smiles vanished and the tempers did flare!
They turned on each other, there was so much to dread
in the midst of the cookies, biscuits, and bread!

With rolling pin, fry pan, gadget and knife...
it was the nightmare of any young wife!
But as quick as it started, it came to an end.
Unbeknownst to us, it was only pretend!

But let this writing be a warning to all,
of the dangers that lurk withing kitchen walls.
Myself I will refrain from tempting such fate...
we're going to Arby's where prices are great!

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