Monday, January 19, 2009

Venison Stew

I just came in from a brisk walk. I try to get outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine as much as possible, even though it requires lots of "bundling up". In the summertime, our family practically lives outside. On my walk, I noticed the deer have been nibbling on our apple trees behind the garden. Our dog usually does a great job keeping the deer, coons, and coyotes away, but every so often they sneak past him.

As I walked into the house, the wonderful aroma of venison stew greeted me. This recipe is a family favorite! (Mike and I both shot a buck this year from our deer stand across the slough.) The carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and herbs are all from my garden. Emily will make some whole wheat biscuits to go with it, and we will have a simple, (mostly) home-grown meal that's full of good nutrition.
During the busy, hard work of fall, when we are harvesting all the food from our garden and butchering our animals, (and I am complaining about how much there is to do) I try to remind myself how much I enjoy cooking with my own food over the winter. I love going to the root cellar and coming back to the house with an armload of food. It makes it all worth it!

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