Thursday, January 29, 2009


Myrtle at our house for Easter
Today we went to visit our friend, Myrtle. For those of you who have not heard about our friend, Myrtle, the story of how our paths crossed is somewhat unique. Our family was looking for a lonely widow that we could visit and assist in any way. I would regularly approach older women and start a conversation with them to see, if by chance, they seemed lonely or in need of help, but to no avail! I couldn't find a lonely widow anywhere! Well, Mike and I met Myrtle while shopping one day at Walmart. She approached us and asked us to help her find something and we got to talking. She mentioned that she was lonely and "BINGO", I knew we had found the widow we'd been looking for!

Myrtle is an incredible lady! We have known her now for over a year and last September she celebrated her 100th birthday! She was a school teacher for many years and loves children. Music is another things Myrtle really enjoys. Despite her age, she is active, healthy, and continues to play the accordion every day. What a blessing it has been to get to know her! The determination she shows in making the best of every situation has been a huge inspiration to me. When things don't go the way she had planned she just changes her attitude, accepts her challenges, and then usually overcomes them! No doubt her mindset is a link to her longevity!

Myrtle at her 100th birthday party
Today we visited Myrtle in her new home. She has had her own apartment up until now, but she felt it was time to move to a facility that provided her with more assistance. She doesn't like much help, though. She tells the workers, "Don't do anything for me that I can do myself or I won't be able to do it anymore." She's always very nice about it, but she'll whisper in my ear, "sometimes I have to be a little rude." :) Myrtle simply knows that if she starts giving up, it will all be over.

The children played the piano for her today while we visited. Then we went back to her room and she played the accordion for us, and gave Ben a few lessons on it. By then it was almost time for her supper, so we said our goodbyes. I am so thankful for this time we have with her. Although, I think she has helped us more than we have helped her!

Myrtle helping Ben play the accordion

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