Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belle is back

We brought Belle home from the billy goat farm today. Apparently every thing went well, and she should be kidding in about 150 days. As you can see from her smile in the picture, she is very happy to be home. :)

Millie, on the other hand, has been very cantankerous. She can hardly take time to enjoy a treat (corn or oats), because she is too busy being bossy. Hopefully, she will relax after the pregnancy hormones wear off. She is due around March 15th, and we are looking forward to having our first "kids" and fresh goat milk.

Our ewes are all due around April 15th. Lambing is always an exciting time on the farm. The children just love watching new lambs be born. They never seem to grow tired of it. Emily is hoping for a bottle lamb (a "bum" in shepherds lingo), but Dad says, "Not if I can help it!" This year we have seven pregnant ewes, so we could have up to twenty or so lambs. Yikes!

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